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Contact: Ian Isbell, Division Vice Chairperson

The Ambassador Division is responsible for the recruitment and retention of members. The membership vice-chair shall chair each membership committee meeting, appoint sub-committees for projects and programs, and serve as a member of the ambassadors. The Ambassador program is a sub-committee of membership and shall have a maximum number of 30 as their members. This division is responsible for the lifetime member award and the volunteer of the year award to be presented at the annual banquet.

Mission Statement: To generate goodwill and promote membership in the Lebanon / Wilson County Chamber of Commerce by actively participating in Chamber activities and interacting and communicating with current and prospective members – resulting in Chamber business and community growth.

CLICK HERE for Ambassador Policies/Bylaws

Economic Development

  • Businesses 25 Years Plus Updated
  • Gasification_Opening_Picture1.1.jpg
  • Business Recognition Celebration of 25 years or more
  • Business Recognition Celebration of 50 years or more

Contact: Ja'Rob Coggins, Division Vice Chairperson

Mission Statement : The Mission of the Lebanon Wilson County Chamber of Commerce Economic Development Committee is to serve the community by fostering an environment which will promote prosperity in Wilson County.


The Economic Development Division shall work with the joint economic and community development of Wilson County in the recruitment and retention of industry and business to Wilson County. This division will address health care and workforce effectiveness and a community livability program that will identify current housing and projected needs for housing.

  • The Vice-Chair of this division shall chair all meetings; appoint sub committees to oversee programs and projects.

  • This committee will conduct the annual business and industry development program.

  • The committee is responsible for the Cedar Tree Award and work with the city and county government to maintain the three star community.

  •  This division is responsible for the business person of the year award and industrialist of the year award.

  • They will coordinate with each division of the chamber to complete all the criteria for the three-star qualification.


  • Teacher Grant Breakfast Pic Updated
  • Taste of Wilson Culinary LHS Updated
  • Taste of Wilson Pie Eatting contest Update
  • Teacher Grant Breakfast
  • Culinary students from Wilson Central High School and Lebanon High School compete in the Culinary Challenge at the Education Committee's largest annual fundraiser, Taste of Wilson County.
  • Taste of Wilson County Pie Eating Contest

Contact: Wes Dugan, Division Vice Chairperson

Goals: To promote Wilson County as a community that has achieved the recognition of excellence in Education.

Mission Statement : The Mission of the Lebanon Wilson County Chamber of Commerce Education Committee is to promote excellence in education through partnership with business and industry in Wilson County.

Current Education Programs Supported through Business & Education Coalition (501c3):


Wilson County School Listings:

Carroll Oakland Elementary (PreK-8)
4664 Hunters Point Pike
Lebanon, TN 37087
Phone: 615-444-5208 
Fax: 615-449-3914
Elzie D. Patton Elementary (PreK-5)
1003 Woodridge Place
Mt. Juliet, TN. 37122
Phone: 615-773-9630 
Fax: 615-773-5394

Gladeville Elementary (PreK-6)
8840 Stewarts Ferry Pike
Gladeville, TN 37071
Phone: 615-444-5694 
Fax: 615-449-3435

Lakeview Elementary (K-5)
6211 Saundersville Road
Mt. Juliet, TN 37122
Phone: 615-758-5619 
Fax: 615-758-5600

Mt. Juliet Elementary (K-5)
2521 West Division
Mt. Juliet, TN 37122
Phone: 615-758-5654 
Fax: 615-758-5602

Rutland Elementary (K-5)
1995 South Rutland Road
Mt. Juliet, TN 37122
Phone: 615-754-1800 
Fax: 615-754-1801
Southside Elementary (K-8)
1224 Murfreesboro Road
Lebanon, TN 37090
Phone: 615-444-6330 
Fax: 615-443-2668
Stoner Creek Elementary (K-5)
1035 N. Mt. Juliet Road
Mt. Juliet, TN 37122
Phone: 615-754-6300 
Fax: 615-754-5784

Tuckers Crossroads Elementary (K-8)
5905 Trousdale Ferry Pike
Lebanon, TN 37087
Phone: 615-444-3956 
Fax: 615-444-3958

W.A. Wright Elementary (K-5)
5017 Market Place
Mt. Juliet, TN 37122
Phone: 615-754-6200 
Fax: 615-754-5282

Watertown Elementary (K-5)
751 West Main Street
Watertown, TN 37184
Phone: 615-237-3821 
Fax: 615-237-9544

West Elementary (K-6)
9315 Lebanon Road
Mt. Juliet, TN 37122
Phone: 615-758-5846 
Fax: 615-754-5798
Mt. Juliet Middle (6-8)
3565 Mt. Juliet Road
Mt. Juliet, TN 37122
Phone: 615-754-6688 
Fax: 615-754-7566

Watertown Middle (6-8)
515 West Main Street
Watertown, TN 37184
Phone: 615-237-4000

West Wilson Middle (7-8)
935 N. Mt. Juliet Road
Mt. Juliet, TN 37122
Phone: 615-758-5152 
Fax: 615-758-5283

Lebanon High (9-12)
500 Blue Devil Boulevard
Lebanon, TN 37087
Phone: 615-444-9610 
Fax: 615-443-1373

Mt. Juliet High (9-12)
1875 Golden Bear Gateway
Mt. Juliet, TN 37122
Phone: 615-758-5606 
Fax: 615-758-5645

Wilson Central High (9-12)
419 Wildcat Way
Lebanon, TN 37090
Phone: 615 453-4600

Watertown High (9-12)
9360 Sparta Pike
Watertown, TN 37184
Phone: 615-237-3434 
Fax: 615-237-3030

Youth Links
415 Harding Drive
Lebanon, TN 37087
Phone: 615 453-3833 
Fax:615 453-3958
Wilson County Career Technical Center
418 Harding Drive
Lebanon, TN 37087
Phone: 615-444-1104 
Fax: 615-443-8745
M.A.P. Academy
205 Stumpy Lane
Lebanon, TN 37090
Phone: 615-453-3400 
Fax: 615-453-3401

Adult Basic Education
107 N. Greenwood
Lebanon, TN 37090
Phone: 615-443-8731 
Fax: 615-453-2529

Wilson County Adult High
415 Harding Drive
Lebanon, TN 37087
Phone: 615-443-7199 
Fax: 615-443-2690

Wilson County Schools Board Of Education
415 Harding Drive
Lebanon, TN 37087
Phone: 615-444-3282 
Fax: 615-449-3858

Special Education Department
415 Harding Drive
Lebanon, TN 37087
Phone: 615-444-3282
Byars Dowdy Elementary (PreK-5)
900 Hickory Ridge Road
Lebanon, TN 37087
Phone: 615-444-6651 
Fax: 615-443-0212

Cedars Preparatory Academy (PreK-5)
410 West Main Street
Lebanon, TN 37087
Phone: 615-257-1394 
Fax: 615-250-4962

Castle Heights Elementary (PreK-5)
1007 Castle Heights Ave. N
Lebanon, TN 37087
Phone: 615-444-2483 
Fax: 615-443-6314

Friendship Christian School (PreK-12)
5400 Coles Ferry Pike
Lebanon, TN 37087
Phone: 615-449-1573 
Fax: 615-449-2769

Coles Ferry Elementary (K-3)
511 Coles Ferry Pike
Lebanon, TN 37087
Phone: 615-443-1946 
Fax: 615-443-0215

Mt. Juliet Christian Academy (PreK-12)
735 N. Mt. Juliet Road
Mt. Juliet, TN 37122
Phone: 615-758-2427 
Fax: 615-758-3662

Sam Houston Elementary (PreK-5)
207 Oakdale Drive
Lebanon, TN 37087
Phone: 615-444-7494 
Fax: 615-443-0243
McClain Christian Academy (PreK-12)
3521 Lebanon Road
Lebanon, TN 37087
Phone: 615-444-2678 
Fax: 615-449-7696

Walter J. Baird Middle School (6-8)
509 Coles Ferry Pike
Lebanon, TN 37087
Phone: 615-444-2190 
Fax: 615-453-2690

Sumner Academy (PreK-8)
464 Nichols Lane
Gallatin, TN 37066
Phone: 615-452-1914

Winfree Bryant Middle School (6-8)
1213 Leeville Pike
Lebanon, TN 37087
Phone: 615-449-4560


397 North Castle Heights Avenue
Lebanon TN 37087
Scott Benson, Superintendent
Phone: 615-449-6060 
Fax: 615-449-5673



Special Education Office
397 North Castle Heights Avenue
Lebanon, TN 37087
Phone: 615-444-6073 
Fax: 615-443-6310


Cumberland University
Dr. Paul Stumb, President
1 Cumberland Square
Lebanon, TN 37087
Phone: 615-444-2562 
Fax: 615-444-2569



Volunteer State Community College
Dr. Jerry Faulkner, President
1480 Nashville Pike
Gallatin, TN 37066
Phone: 615-452-8600



Governmental Relations

  • Gov. Relations Pic 1 Updated
  • State of the County Pic 1 Updated
  • Speaker James Olson
  • State of the County

Contact: Rusty Richardson, Division Vice Chairperson

Mission Statement : The Mission of the Lebanon Wilson County Chamber of Commerce Governmental Relations Committee is to improve communication and foster a better relationship with the City and County Government.

The Govenment Relations Division was formed to improve the communication with city and county government. This division will create and conduct a leadership training class for all elected officials, department heads and potential county leaders. They will host a series of meetings focusing on issues of interest to Wilson county citizens; especially to members of the Lebanon/ Wilson County Chamber of Commerce.

Membership Committee

  • Annual Celebration Updated
  • Business Card Exchange Update
  • Orientation
  • Business After Hours Updated
  • 2022 Membership Meeting & Awards Celebration: Denim and Diamonds
  • Business Card Exchange
  • Membership Orientation at the Chamber Office
  • Business After Hours

Contact: Debbie Lowe, Division Vice Chairperson


Mission Statement :

The Mission of the Lebanon Wilson County Chamber of Commerce Membership Committee is threefold:

  • To recruit and retain members of the Chamber.
  • To publicize and communicate the benefits and value of Chamber Membership.
  • To maximize member involvement and engagement in Chamber activities.


Membership Division Goal

"Plan and implement members retention activities that will inform and educate/organize continuing programs for recruitment of new members."

What does a Chamber of Commerce Membership mean?

It means getting involved and staying involved. It means speaking your mind on important issues that affect your business. Membership means meeting other business people from this area and working with them to help businesses survive and thrive in Wilson County. It means paying your fair share to support - and have a voice in the operation of - a non profit voluntary organization dedicated to creating a healthy economy and improving the quality of life for all the people in our community.

10 Reasons To Invest In Your Chamber

1. Your Voice in the Community
2. Customer Referrals
3. Preferred Business Listing
4. Local & State Legislative Updates
5. Networking Opportunities 
6. Promotional Displays 
7. Website Links/Internet Exposure 
8. Mailing Labels & Newsletters 
9. Support of Community Programs 
10. Business Seminars & Workshops

Membership Benefits

  • Advertising Opportunities As a member the following are available to assist in your marketing efforts: Membership directory, City Map, Newsletter, Mailing label, Referrals, Reverse Referrals, Racks for displaying your business brochure, Coupon Book.

  • Networking Opportunities The Chamber provides many functions to aid in increasing the member's network of business contacts, such as, Business Before Hours, Business after Hours, Membership Luncheons, Committees, Leadership Wilson County, and Special Events.

  • Business Resource Center An entrepreneurship outreach activity, opened May 24th, 2000. Information available on starting a new business or expanding an exixting business. The center benefits the economic growth of Wilson and adjacent counties. The center sponsors an integrated series of seminars and workshops. Visit the Business Resource Center for more information.

  • Resources The Chamber maintains a variety of information for the community including demographics, industrial directory, crisscross city directory, business start-up kits, list of local, area and national government contacts, statewide visitors information.

Special Events

  • Tis The Season
  • Halloween On The Square
  • Tis the Season Cumberland Ice Rink Update
  • Tis The Season!
  • Halloween on the Square
  • Cumberland Ice Rink

Contact: Bob Zenker, Division Vice Chairperson

Mission Statement: The Mission of the Lebanon Wilson County Chamber of Commerce Community Tourism committee is to promote Wilson County and its cities to visitors and travelers and enrich the lives of local citizens.

The Special Events Committee 

  • The Special Events division vice-chair will conduct all meetings and report all activities to the chamber board of directors.

  • The Special Events council will work for the development of activities and facilities for our community and visitors in the area of recreational opportunities and entertainment.

  • All monies received from the city of Lebanon shall be used for the promotion and development of community tourism in the city of Lebanon. The special events vice-chair shall chair all meetings and appoint sub-committees for projects and programs.

  • The council will develop programs for retail promotion and shop Wilson County first.

  • The council will host a booth at the Wilson County Fair, Halloween on the Square, and the annual Christmas parade.

  • The council will select the retailer of the year and Tapped by Tourism to be awarded at the Annual Membership and Awards Banquet.

Sports Council

  • Golf 1

  • Fishing Pic 3
  • Tennis Pic 2
  • Dr. Cary Harbrecht Chamber Summer Scramble
  • Two Rivers Ford Bass Tournament
  • 1st Annual Chamber Tennis Tournament at Cumberland University

Contact: Phillip Vance, Division Vice Chairperson

Mission Statement: The Mission of the Lebanon Wilson County Chamber of Commerce Sports Council is to attract, retain and promote all types of amateur and professional sporting events for the purpose of generating tourism, economic development, quality of life and positive media exposure for Lebanon and Wilson County.

The Wilson County Sports Council Division shall work with the recruitment and promotion of all sporting events in Wilson County.

  • The Vice-chair shall serve as chair of all committee meetings; they will appoint all sub committees for projects and programs.

  • The division will encourage volunteer participation to assist with sporting events and sport related activities.

  • The Vice-chair will appoint sub-committees to promote and coordinate events throughout Wilson County.

  • This division will host an annual academic banquet to recognize top student athletes from all Wilson County High Schools.

  • They will assist the executive committee with the fundraising needs of the Chamber, including the annual golf tournament.