Chamber Directors

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Name Position Phone
J.B. OwensJ.B. Owens Chairman of the Board 615-470-1306
Necole BellNecole Bell Chair Elect & Membership Division Vice Chairperson 615-547-4468
Greg ButlerGreg Butler Treasurer 615-444-6025
Tom HinesTom Hines Education Division Vice Chairperson 615-443-2665
Jay HinesleyJay Hinesley Government Relations Division Vice Chairperson 615-444-8262
Michael MoscardelliMichael Moscardelli Economic Development Division Vice Chairperson 615-547-6340
Joey Jane BradshawJoey Jane Bradshaw Ambassador Division Vice Chairperson 615-443-7653
Adam MaxwellAdam Maxwell Sports Council Division Chairperson 615-444-7000
Shawn Smith Board Member 615-547-4444
Heather SadlerHeather Sadler Board Member 615-444-5556
Zack GraigheadZack Graighead Board Member 615-449-5272
Melynda BoundsMelynda Bounds Board Member 615-443-1411
J.D. LoweryJ.D. Lowery Board Member 615-444-7222
Stephanie DavisStephanie Davis Board Member 615-547-1387
Medana Hemotolor Board Member 615-443-3148
Brian McDonaldBrian McDonald Board Member 615-443-1994
Adrian KelleyAdrian Kelley Board Member 615-347-9829
Scott JasperScott Jasper Chair of Past Presidents & Past Chairman 615-444-2265
Jud NaveJud Nave Past Chairman 615-466-9736