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Beauty Boutique Scholarship

 $1000.00   Scholarship

Eligibility & Application Requirements

  •  Student must be accepted as a full-time freshman to a cosmetology and/or aesthetic program
  •  Student must be a Wilson County Resident.
  •  Student must be a full-time student at any high school in Wilson County.
  •  Student must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.
  •  Student must submit the requested information on or before the specified deadline.

1. Completed application

2. Essay (limited to two pages) to include:

a. Why this scholarship is important to you

b. Why you deserve this scholarship

c. Any special considerations you wish the committee to make

3. Letter of intent to attend University of your Choice, specifying beginning semester

4. Transcripts verifying Grade Point Average (transcripts should be from all schools attended)

5. Signed release of information to Lebanon Wilson County Chamber of Commerce

6. Two letters of reference

Application Procedures

1. Application completed and returned to the Lebanon Wilson Chamber of Commerce Office by
    4:30 p.m. on April 18, 2019.

2. Scholarship Committee reviews applications by April 25, 2019 and chooses three finalists.

    a. Vice-Chairperson of Lebanon Wilson County Chamber of Commerce Education Division   
         will serve as Committee Chair.
    b. Members of Committee will be appointed by Committee Chair.

3. Candidates not selected are notified by mail. Finalists notified by phone.

4. Interview may be required.

5. Candidates will be notified of decision upon completion of the process.

6. Scholarship recipients will be notified by May 9, 2019 and ask to attend Education Committee Meeting in May.

7. Scholarship checks are written to winner’s University of Choice on behalf of winner. Money
    deposited in student account will be for tuition/books only. Student cannot use scholarship
    monies for any purpose other than those specifically stated. 


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